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Michael’s Story – Team Leader’s log

Michael Tunney Rescue – This is a basic timeline of the rescue from the

position of the co ordinator of the rescue. in this case the Oban MRT
team leader.

1643 Initial Callout: the details given were “Mobile phone callout from
son. Father and 16 year old son, dad fell descending from Beinn
Achallader/Beinn A’Chrechinn ridge. Dad had broken arm in a lot of pain.
Neither had any kit as they had lost their rucsacs in the fall.”

Estimated location from description given believed to be roughly 364449,
quite awkward to get to.

Weather conditions were cold, snow for top 200m, windy, variable

1800 First Oban team left vehicle from 338451 with complete medical

1825 Second Oban team left 338451 with stretcher.

1835 Mixed Oban/Arrochar and Strathpol (Strahclyde Police MRT) team
left approximately to help carry kit up.

1845 Remainder of Arrochar team and some stathpol arrived at car park

1850 Rescue 177 arrived on scene and conducted search with night vision
goggles. Casualties did not appear to be at initial estimated position
and eventually casualties were located further round hill by using their
mobile phone to shine up as light source. Position was approximately
352436. To 177 the casualties appeared to be half way up a crag and they
were uncertain whether access was from top or bottom. 177 returned to
uplift 6 Arrochar team members with second set of kit and put them on
ridge to approach from top whilst initial teams approached from below.

2016 First Oban team team reach casualties, quickly followed by next 2
teams. The route up had changed direction several times as the location
had altered and we had also had to stop all teams and get them to turn
torches off to enable use of night vision goggles by 177.

Both casualties appeared to be seriously injured. Dad was evacuated
first and due to be taken straight to Southern General by 177 whilst a
2nd stretcher was obtained but Arrochar who had approached from above
and were having difficulties finding a route down past the crags managed
to get round and stretchered son off.

2220 Both were taken to Southern General by 177 which had managed to
maintain a hover in nasty winds whilst the son was carried down the

2330 All teams off hill, soup and sandwiches provided by Bridge of
Orchy Hotel.


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