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The good, the bad and the Udlaigh…

Things were going quite peacefully over Christmas, no committee meetings, no arguing over what jackets the team should buy, no arguing where the landrover should be kept or who Kenny will allow to drive it! Lunchtime on Friday 4th January and I was talking to Kenny Harris in WH Smiths, catching up on happenings over the festivities, and commenting on how quite it had been with no callouts. Three hours later saw Kenny, Dave Hamilton, Neil McGougan and myself aboard Rescue 177 flying up into the corrie on Beinn Udlaigh.  A climber had fallen while climbing Sunshine Gully and had broken a lower leg. The chopper dropped us in the corrie bowl and we then had to sprint up to the base of the cliffs with all the stretcher, cas bags and stuff. Close behind on the second chopper trip were seven others who had arrived. The casuality had been well looked after by the people he was climbing with and was comfortable and out of the wind. We soon had him on the stretcher and of back down the corrie in a series of lowers over steep icy ground, back to the drop of point and loaded him into the helicopter. He was flown to the Vale of Leven Hospital where he underwent surgery on his leg.

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