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Callout: One man and his dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, well most of the time anyway. This trusty hound managed to get its owner into a spot of bother. After going out looking for his dog a gentleman ended up slipping and becoming cragfast 20m up a cliff, complete with the missing dog. He was safe on the ledge but couldn’t get either up or down.

So, queue a quick call to the Police and another quick call too us. The team deployed a small crag rescue crew and knowing the Appin area the man and dog were quickly located. That was the easy part! Accessing the top of the crag was a different matter as it was dense Rhododendron wood. Eventually after much thrashing about in the undergrowth and judicious use of the GPS we ended up above the pair, who were by now getting quite cold in the incoming rain.

A tree anchor was arranged, no shortage of them today. One team member was lowered to attach the man and his dog onto the line. This was successfully accomplished on the ledge and all three were lowered to the ground. None the worse for wear just a bit chilly, I’m sure the dog was glad to see his basket as well. Walkies were a bit more exciting than usual today!

The team were home for tea and everyone was happy at a good outcome (despite the Rhododendrons).

Team in the Rhododendrons
Team in the Rhododendrons

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