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In Memory of David and Margaret Ann Rous

In Memory of David and Margaret Ann Rous who died in the light aircraft crash on Beinn nan Luss on 4 April 2015

The families of David and Margaret Ann Rous would like to thank all those who made a donation, either individually or via sponsorship, to The Oban Mountain Rescue Team in memory of two very special and much loved people.

We are grateful to those, on both Tiree and mainland UK, who made additional efforts, including 10k events and the London Marathon, to increase the final total raised. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s generosity and support for our chosen charity whose work often goes unnoticed.

The Team spent many hours working in very harsh conditions which were extremely demanding, both physically and mentally, in order to bring David & Margaret Ann home to us. It is quite humbling to know that there are people who are prepared to give up their time for complete strangers to reunite families with their loved ones. It meant a great deal to us.

Your donations, which total nearly £7,000, will help to fund the Team for the amazing work they do. Once again, thank you for remembering David and Margaret Ann in this way.

The members of Oban Mountain Rescue Team also wish to add their own appreciation to all those who have donated in memory of David and Margaret Ann, and of course, to their families for thinking of us at this time.

Your support is very special to us and the money raised will greatly help our SAR service in the mountains and within the wider community in which we feel privileged to play a part.


Thank you all so very much.


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